Friday, 24 August 2012

Self Introducing

We live in a society. So, we always meet with old and new friends. We must say something when we meet them. In these pictures there are some people making a friendship or relationship.

It's very important to use polite ways. We must respect to other people. In this unit we are going to study some ways how to introduce our self, how to introduce someone to other, etc.

A. Beberapa kata yang berkaitan dengan Greeting
Study these words!

1. afternoon
2. call

3. how are you
4. nice to meet you
5. good night
6. madam
7. miss
8. hi
9. good morning
10. good evening
11. how do you do
12. thanks
13. sir
14. she
15. he
16. Mr
17. Mrs
18. name
19. see

B. Bagaimana cara menyapa orang lain
     How to greet someone

Hello, I am Iwan
Hi, I am Nurul

Good morning, I am Bambang
Good evening, I am Siti
How do you do? I am Budi Wijaya

Hello Anto. How are you?
Good evening Mera. How are you
Joko, this is Siti.
Siti, this is Joko

C. How to introduce your self to other
     Bagaimana memperkenalkan diri ke orang lain 
May I introduce my self?
Let me introduce my self.
Contoh bagaimana memperkenalkan diri ke orang lain.
Last month, there was a Student Exchange Program in SMP N 4 Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta. One of students from Demak introduced his self to his new friends.
Hello friends...
May I introduce my self?
My full name is Luqi Hidayatullah.
You can call me Luqi.
I live in Demak.
My school is SMP N 2 Demak.
My hobby is reading magazine.

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