Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Telling The Time

it is seven p.m.
it is time for playing music
it is four p.m.
it is time for playing football.
it is nine a.m.
it is time for working.
Learn the following expressions.
Expressions of asking and telling the time.
> What time is it?
> Excuse me. Could you tell me the time?

it is seven o'clock        : 07.00
it is a quarter past ten  : 10.15
it is half past seven      : 07.30
it is twenty past nine   : 09.20
it is quarter to eleven   : 10.45
it is ten to five              : 04.50
a.m = antre merediem (01.00 morning to 12.00 noon).
p.m = post merediem (after 12.00 in the afternoon to 12.00 in the evening).
Noon = 12.00 p.m.
Midnight = 12 a.m.
Example :
We always go to bed at 09.00 p.m.
They take a bath at 05.00 a.m.
What time do you have breakfast?
I usually have breakfast at 06.00 a.m.
Luqi's Timetable.
     Monday is my favourite day at school this term. From seven until eight thirty I have English with Mrs Rubi. She is very beautiful. After that I have art and design. I'm very good at art; I can draw people and animal very well. Then after a break, I have Science from ten until eleven thirty. We have Science in the chemistry laboratory and we do lot of experiments. Then I have Maths and go home at one o'clock. At three o'clock I have football practice. I love football.

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